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Finwin EDU Campus offers a wide range of Post graduate programs. Qualifications offered are MA, MSc, MEd, MEng, and MBA. Our programs offered in Business, Education, Arts, IT , Engineering and Science. These qualifications are offered in affiliation with many leading International universities keeping in line with high quality standards and recognition by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka and many international Educational Credential assessing bodies.

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Caregiving is providing assistance for physical and emotional needs of the individuals who find it challenging to handle alone. This can be a family member, relative, friend or even totally unknown individual. However the attitude, care, attention, affection and the attentiveness should always be the same as they all go through the same kind of emotions about not being able to help themselves alone.

A caregiver professional may have to go through several physical activities throughout the day but its utmost important to create a balance between the physical and emotional needs of a client. Starting from assisting with meals, personal care, and a caregiver may have to attend up to helping with medical procedures and therapy. As a result, a caregiver should always be conversant with the appropriate knowledge.

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Thiruneelakandan Nirmalaruban

It gives me outstanding satisfaction to mention that I have completed my Othm diploma in Accounting and Finance from FINWIN EDU CAMPUS. I am Thiruneelakandan Nirmalaruban from Jaffna. I started some online courses but never got the education I expected to achieve my dream. Likewise, I noticed a commercial publication concerning Othm programs on Finwin’s… Read more “Thiruneelakandan Nirmalaruban”

Thiruneelakandan Nirmalaruban

Minoly Awishka Silva

Finwin EDU Campus is a place where people join to create great ideas and help each other grow in knowledge and push themselves to achieve a higher level of understanding in their higher education field. I joined with Finwin without hopes for my higher education because I was already late to start my Caregiver program… Read more “Minoly Awishka Silva”

Minoly Awishka Silva


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