Our Campus
Finwin campus is a technological and creative playground. Smart’s campus creates a stunning backdrop for all that happens within the University.

“Finwin EDU Campus” added value to the Finwin Group since 2019 along with its commercial registration. Giving wings to the vision of the Group Chairman Mr. Faroon Hamim, striving to be the leading institution in providing tertiary education empowering the students nation-wide with quality education designed to face modern day challenges of rapidly integrating world, successfully with state-of-the-art facilities in line with cutting edge technology as Mr. Faroon and team strongly believe that higher education should be able to assist students to understand the rapid global changes both locally and internationally.

The first semester at a Campus for a new student can be an important step in his life because this is the platform which can make his life amazing. There are many academic challenges which students have to face in their Campus life. The biggest and the most important key to success in university is to manage time perfectly.
Finwin Edu Campus is a duly incorporated vocational and higher educational institution based in Sri Lanka .It is a Campus that is committed to working with all students to ensure access and meaningful participation in every classroom. We strive to build a barrier-free environment and can help create a plan to help meet all your needs. It is an inspiring place – both inside and outside the classroom. With a broad range of recreational, social and cultural activities, there’s plenty of opportunity to do what you love or master something new. Vocational and diploma programs include Accounting & Finance, Marketing Management, Health & Social Care, Caregiver, Education Management and many more are available at the campus with an exemplary lecture panel.
Finwin Edu Campus is like a small community. Almost everything you need can be found on campus, pertaining to both school and fun. The Campus is currently consisting of spacious air-conditioned and comfortable lecture rooms, an open library and a Resource Centre containing all the amenities required for teaching and learning including access to online library facilities and E-learning facilities. Library offers resources, services, and space to support you in your learning, research, and assignment completion. Students have the advantage of an accessible campus with Assistive Equipment and Software, Alternatives to print materials, computerized note taking, Alternative testing arrangements, Counseling support, and Additional support with learning strategies, peer note-taking and tutoring services.

Apart from studies, to get some movement going on in your life, you can join the Campus’ partnered Gym as well. Finwin prioritize your mental health by providing counseling and wellbeing services. From athletics to arts and culture, life on campus invigorates mind, body and spirit. Students always love to enjoy once in a while a break from studies and exams by playing a basketball match in the courts which will be readily arranged for the students. For all the plant lovers, you have the chance to plant to soothe your nerves and to make the surrounding more home-like.

The Campus location is near restaurants, cafes, fitness clubs, health clinics and hospitals. The Maradana Railway station is just within a 14-minute distance and Cotta road station is within 6-minute distance while the Borella main bus stand is just a 2-minute walk away from the Campus. Since the Campus is locate right in the junction with just a 40m distance from the Borella tunnels to the Campus, it is easy to locate and very accessible for students.
Whether you are a student, alumnus, faculty, visiting scholar, or community member, we are here to support your search for knowledge, when and where you need. If you want a place to do justice for your higher education then Finwin is your place!


Senior Lecturer
Sihara Rathnayake
Senior Lecturer
Nishantha Amarasinghe
Head of Lecture Panel - Business Faculty
Inthikab Zufer
Senior Lecturer
Rahima Wahab
Senior Lecturer
Dilan Manilka
Senior Lecturer
Nawaz Badurdeen