Our Lecturers
The Smart community has been having essential conversations about the need to increase and respect diversity and inclusion on campus.

Finwin EDU Campus has assigned the best lecturers in the country. They are decorated with many educational credentials and celebrated many years in the field as leading lecturers. Most of the lecturers are full time dedicated to Finwin Campus whilst some held senior managerial positions in the top corporate companies in their respective fields.

Our lecturers not only have produced best results they themselves hold many professional and honorary membership in regulatory and governing bodies both in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Finwin EDU Campus is proud to present its lecture panel who are not only highly qualified and vastly experienced but also efficient and dedicated to bring the highest potential in students resulting a great outcome.


Senior Lecturer
Sihara Rathnayake
Senior Lecturer
Nishantha Amarasinghe
Head of Lecture Panel - Business Faculty
Inthikab Zufer
Senior Lecturer
Rahima Wahab
Senior Lecturer
Dilan Manilka
Senior Lecturer
Nawaz Badurdeen