Gagani Pavithra Rajapaksha

Gagani Pavithra Rajapaksha

Rajapaksha Liyanage Gagani Pavithra Rajapaksha is a graduate of B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.) specialized in postharvest horticulture at Wayamba University of Sri Lanka .

She is contributing to the Finwin Edu Campus as a researcher through exploration of new opportunities which open doors to the Finwin for better future.
Exploration of demanded courses is a one of major area of her findings and as a researcher she is keen to find new suitable courses
by considering the different facts such as duration, validity, perception of the students e.t.c.
As well as another key point among her research findings is working for obtaining the partnership of the reputed campuses in the world.

All of her research outcomes are to fulfill the ultimate expectation of the Finwin Edu Campus that is to be a better institute for the nation by unlocking the barriers to obtain the internationally recognized qualifications.

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